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When the San Rafael coffee farm was established near ancient lake San Rafael la Laguna the water lily was chosen as the emblem of the farm and its coffee. A small farm located in the Central Highlands of Guatemala, Finca San Rafael produces world-class coffee and preserves the local tradition of organic farming. At an altitude above 5,000 feet (1,500 meters), San Rafael Organic Coffee thrives in fertile volcanic soils in the shadows of the Fuego, Agua, and Pacaya Volcanoes.

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An officially inspected and certified* organic coffee, hand picked and sorting assures the quality of San Rafael Organic Coffee. Final processing at the farm’s own mill relies on old-fashioned equipment and sun drying. The mountain setting, traditional processing methods, and organic cultivation results in a unique blend of sweet aromas and delicate chocolate flavors. Each remarkable cup reminds us that the harvest of San Rafael Organic Coffee begins with natural farming of the land.

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